Sigma Chi

University of Arizona

Dear Brothers,

Please be mindful of the challenges the chapter faces during the rush process. An estimated 1500 students will be participating in rush this fall, including over 50 legacies. Because of our bylaws, we are limited in the number of new pledges, and we anticipate a pledge class of approximately 25 students.

We take our responsibility toward our legacies very seriously. Being a legacy will ensure a special opportunity to meet all our members, but it does not guarantee a bid. Unfortunately, we simply cannot extend bids to most legacies this semester.

For these reasons, we strongly encourage all legacies to keep an open mind towards other houses. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to recommend a student, and we look forward to getting to know him during rush.

Please feel free to contact the Consul Riley Campbell or the Rush Chairman Nate Bridge with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

The Beta Phi Chapter

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